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'Drip Drop' Sculpture

Design Challenge Competition 


UNICEF Hong Kong


A forty eight hour design challenge 'Change for Good' competition with UNICEF and Cathay Pacific and a collaboration learning project with SCAD Hong Kong. 

'Drip Drop' commemorates the twenty fifth year of the 'Change for Good' collaboration between Cathay Pacific and UNICEF. Cathay's inflight fundraising scheme has gathered coins from around the world which are used by UNICEF to provide water and to ensure that clean water reaches many children


Coins have been carefully chosen for their shape, colour and country of origin. The use of the lone drop of water is symbolic of the profound impact and empowerment that provision of sanitised water has upon a child's future. The splash represents the abundance of this impact that this has on the individual's life thus empowering children to thrive and fulfill their full potential to overall benefit a better world. 

Location: The sculpture is currently displayed at Cathay Pacific headquarters Cathay City, Hong Kong International Airport. 

Headland Hotel
1/F Lobby
Cathay Pacific City
Hong Kong International Airport



Branwen Bindra and Nikhil Nagarkar


Scott Dietrich

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