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Arab Luxury World Summit Finalist

Every year Dubai hosts a conference on the business of luxury, the arab luxury world. The aim of the two-day conference is to bring together professionals of the luxury industry under one roof. With more than 50 sessions, 80 panelists and 600 participants with the mission to encourage conversation: to allow people to openly exchange, interact and learn from each other.

Finalist for the global student writing competition on the future of luxury, fashion and design. A collaborative paper with Augustina Leung, specifically answering the question ‘From jumping the tech curve to becoming world leaders in mobile usage and payment gateways, what impact does that have on the luxury market and what can the world learn from China?’.


We created a 'Dream Team Octagon Theory' stating that the idea China is one entity, is not a practical marketing strategy due to the diverse system the government and country has created. The theory is split into eight pillars with each aspect reflecting decisions for market penetration. The theory acting as a tool for luxury brands to implement within their existing strategies to fully penetrate the Chinese market.

Arab Luxury World

Location: Dubai, UAE


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